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somewhere beyond post-ironic

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radiation ruling the nation
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The Internet makes you stupid.

#1justin, #salj, I hear there's rumors on the internets,  the abuse stops here; bitch.,  the abuse stops here; bitches.,, 1justin, 495827, acheron, adult swim, anal with ashi_moto, anti-antidisestablishmentarianism, anti-furry, anti-irony, anton lavey, apathy, aphex twin, applesauce, bitch., atheism, bass guitar, bbq furries, beavis and butt-head, being a little harsh, breaking stuff, buying new domains, chasing amy, cheap booze, chonies!, christian zealots, christianity, clerks, daria, darkwave, dating, deep house, dogma, dramacore, drinking, drums, echo_j | format c:, encyclopedia dramatica, encyclopediadramatica, evil weasels, fire, forward motion, futuristic sex robotz, gelatinous cubes, george carlin, getting latin cancelled, getting rid of furries, goatse, goatse.cx, god lives underwater, guitar, hammers and rape robots, house, i'm actually ghostlight's gimmick account, icon/blinkie/useless sparkly shit drama, impulsive behaviour, inside jokes, internets, islam, j, jay and silent bob, jews controlling the media, junjk, kevin smith, kill whitey, killhamster, killing hamsters, kirkando, kmfdm, lighter fluid can masturbation, ljdrama, ljdrama.org, lmho, lobstergirl, mallrats, mega mega white thing, money, music, my girlfriends, nacho cheese, negative space, omg as irony, omgdon'tstealmyinterestsplz, owen ray pugface, photoshop, poking ali, poking steve, progressive trance, random violence, rape, rbm, religion, rockin' bag monsters, satanism, scarlet's pierced hoo hoo, sex, shut up and sleep!, sleep, snape killed dumbledore, something awful, something magical, speeding, stairs aren't lost, stealing icons, surrealism and dada, tacoes ^__^, tb-303, techno, tempered steele, the original troll_collector, the thirteenth step, this ain't your internet, tinfoil hats, underworld

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